Konane at beach by RichardLillis 2006

The season of Makahiki is coming to a close, and so are the celebrations and games. Always awed by the physical abilities of competitors, I am even more impressed by victories achieved through skilled planning and smart execution.

Another example of this is the game of kōnane. The mental skill that one uses to outwit an opponent demonstrates to me the highly astute abilities of our Hawaiian people to critically think, process and analyze.

Our ancestors were a highly industrious and intelligent people, despite what was reported by foreigners who misunderstood our culture. The more we learn about our history, customs and practices, the more aware and empowered is our lāhui to engage in long-term work to improve the health and well-being of our communities.

As we move ahead in these uncertain times, I would like to continue to engage in the concerns and challenges that face our people, and offer opportunities to discuss these issues in productive, meaningful, and empowering ways.

E Ola Mau,

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