The Ka‘ōnohi Awards have been presented by Papa Ola Lōkahi since 1994 to individuals who have made significant contributions to the health, healing, and well-being of Native Hawaiians and their families. 

The award is given in honor of Dr. Alexander Ka‘ōnohi, a naturopathic physician, pharmacist and botanist, descended from a long line of healers, who integrated western and traditional practices into his daily healing work. 

We are excited to open the nomination process to recognize and honor individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Hawaiian health and well-being. 

You are invited to nominate individuals or organizations whom you believe have demonstrated exemplary dedication, innovation, and impact. Honorees have represented many areas of excellence – health care, traditional healing, policy, activism, workforce development, research & data, health promotion & education. 

Eligible individuals and organizations may be from Hawai‘i and across the continent. The categories include: 

  • Health care (primary, mental, dental or specialty care)
  • Hawaiian healing traditions & practices
  • Leadership
  • Public and community health
  • Community service

To submit your nominations, please fill out the nominations form by April 15, 2024.  

More information about Dr. Ka‘ōnohi and past awards may be found here. 

Awards will be announced in June 2024. 

E ola mau! 


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