‘Imi Hawai‘i Hale (IHH) is the data and research center of Papa Ola Lōkahi. The department is charged with the perpetuation of E Ola Mau and initiatives including Ka Leo Kaiāulu – community voices, Wili I Lei Lanakila – Native Hawaiian Scoping Project. In addition, IHH is an active member of various data boards, committees and informs policy, health information, and addresses social and cultural determinants of health of Native Hawaiians.

For the 2021-2022 program year, IHH’s priority areas include the engagement, dissemination, and participation of E Ola Mau a Mau and Wili I Lei Lanakila, Ka Leo Kaiāulu, and Data Dissemination.

For the 2022-2022 program year, IHH will maintain the three priority areas and projects. Growth will be informed by findings related to Ka Leo Kaiāulu projects. An emphasis for the second year will be on research and research partnership to address Native Hawaiian Health Disparities.

Hale ʻImi Hawaiʻi Programs