Those who develop and implement health policy, engage in research collection and analysis, develop and implement health programs and services, and anyone seeking to have a greater, up-to-date understanding of Hawaiian health and well-being.

It’s been more than 30 years since the publication of E Ola Mau – The Native Hawaiian Health Needs Assessment and its across-the-board recommendations in policy, research and data, programs and services, education, health care, and workforce development.  This landmark report provided guidance to local, state and federal agencies as to how each could contribute to the health and well-being of Native Hawaiians.

E Ola Mau was the catalyst that elevated the recognition of healing traditions, moved the passage of laws, created innovative outreach and education, established providers of care, founded professional organizations, and developed a body of research — all components, connected and interdependent, collectively enriching the overall Native Hawaiian health care community.

To prepare for the future, we look to the 1985 recommendations provided in the original study as benchmarks against which successes can be measured, achievements celebrated, gaps identified, emerging trends and innovations sought after, and to evaluate the process along the way.  Papa Ola Lōkahi is updating the landmark E Ola Mau – Native Hawaiian Health Needs Assessment to understand the current health status of Native Hawaiians and wisely develop and implement programs, services, policy and other strategies to improve the health and well-being of our people.  This is a collective effort to continue building a sustainable Native Hawaiian health care system for the lāhui.


Program Staff

  • Samantha Keaulana Scott, PhD

    she/her/ʻo ia

    Director, Data, Research & Evaluation

  • Melissa Kahili-Heede

    she/her/ʻo ia

    Data & Research Specialist

  • Kilohana Haitsuka

    Data & Research Coordinator

  • Mahinalani Cavalieri

    Administrative Support

  • Ke’alohi Worthington


    Data & Research Coordinator


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