A community's response to cancer prevention and control. 'Imi Hale was administered by Papa Ola Lokahi for 16 years as a national Special Population Network supported by the National Cancer Institute. Its health education materials are timeless and broadly available.

‘Imi Hale – Research, Education and Training Program has provided support to Hawaiian-serving agencies in three areas:

  1. Research – supporting emerging Native Hawaiian investigators in health disparities research incorporating community based participatory research principles;
  2. Education – supporting health awareness and education through the development of culturally tailored health education materials incorporating health communications theory; and
  3. Training – supporting training of community outreach workers, patient navigators and other health care providers on community-identified training needs.

The ‘Imi Hale program was built upon 16 years of experience as the Native Hawaiian Cancer Network, collaborating with key local, state, national and international partners to address cancer and other health disparities prevalent in Hawaiian communities.

‘Imi Hale Programs:

‘Imi Hale sunsetted in the fall of 2017.  To learn more about ‘Imi Hale’s programs in research, education and training, or to access our extensive library of education materials, visit www.imihale.org.

Program Staff

  • Samantha Keaulana Scott, PhD

    she/her/ʻo ia

    Director, Data, Research & Evaluation

  • Melissa Kahili-Heede

    she/her/ʻo ia

    Data & Research Specialist

  • Kilohana Haitsuka

    Data & Research Coordinator

  • Mahinalani Cavalieri

    Administrative Support

  • Ke’alohi Worthington


    Data & Research Coordinator


(808) 597-6550