Growing up in the Waimānalo homesteads, Conan Wykes attended Blanche Pope Elementary School, Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate, and Kailua High School. He graduated from President Theodore Roosevelt High School after his family moved to Makiki. After high school, he worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He was a server until the COVID pandemic hit and the restaurant he worked at closed.

He has always been intrigued by fitness, health, and health science. As he learned more about the chronic health issues affecting the Native Hawaiian community, he was inspired to work in a profession that strives to improve the health of Native Hawaiians. Conan hopes the future of Native Hawaiian health includes health literacy and prosperity.

Conan is excited to work at Papa Ola Lōkahi because he’s surrounded by people passionate about improving the health of Hawaiʻi’s communities, especially Native Hawaiians. Papa Ola Lōkahi has a broad reach and is making strides to achieve a common goal of health excellence and well-being.

He is motivated each morning to pursue his personal goal of improving his own health and that of others. He enjoys incorporating exercise into his daily life and spending quality time with his partner and family. His favorite mele is anything by Dennis Pavao because he loves local Hawaiian falsetto. Conan enjoys many different types of cuisine, but one of his favorite things to eat is Baskin-Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream. Conan admits that although it’s not necessarily good for his physical health, it’s great for my emotional health!

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