Papa Ola Lōkahi is proud to present No Ka Māhūi.

LGBTQ kānaka have long been part of our ʻohana, members of our communities. They’ve held important roles within our familial and societal structures. They were not only welcome, but respected. Unfortunately, with the import of western-colonial ideas of gender and sexuality, these members of our ʻohana have seen an increase in negative health outcomes, and a decrease in access to medical care, social services and support. Papa Ola Lōkahi seeks to change this. Our kuleana to these members of our lāhui is steeped in deep aloha with a goal of increasing positive health outcomes for our kānaka māhū.  

No Ka Māhūi, meaning “for the māhū community”, is an homage to the common rallying expression, ‘no ka lāhui’ and is emblematic of the community building this toolkit is striving to create between queer Native Hawaiians and the lāhui at large.

This toolkit provides educational materials discussing the history of māhū in pre-contact Hawai’i, the effects colonization has had on our collective sense of self, and outline the specific gaps in health care that impact kānaka who exist beyond the gender and sexuality binary.

Health care professionals and kānaka who are finding it difficult to access empathetic and culturally conscious care will find No Ka Māhūi especially useful. Papa Ola Lōkahi convened an advisory council with diverse professional and personal backgrounds who provided historical knowledge, cultural insight, systemic context, and vital lived experience.

COVID-19 further illuminated the gaps in health care that exist for queer Kānaka. No Ka Māhūi hopes to bridge that gap. We strongly encourage healthcare professionals who work with or wish to work with this community to review and share these materials with their networks.

Mahalo nui loa to our advisory council for your ʻike and manaʻo.

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Program Staff

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    Director of Community Initiatives

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    Administrative Assistant

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    Program Specialist - ‘Ohana COE

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    Program Coordinator - Substance Use & Mental Health

  • Kia‘i Lee

    Native Hawaiian Traditional Healing Coordinator

  • ‘Atalina Pasi

    Population Health Specialist - Chronic Disease

  • Ikaika Regidor


    Population Health Specialist - LGBTQ+, Tobacco Control & Sexual/Reproductive Health

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